Ga-rei -Zero- 07 – Chain of Blame


O_O Not much happened this episode but it was pretty “epic”.

Well first of all Mei comes back alive o_O And you can guess what she’s up to when she’s alive again…

Well it continues from last episode with Kagura being really shocked and her friend Yaatchi criticising her for killing the nurse. However her other friend tells Yaatchi to stop.

Back in the office, the head of MoE decides to give Kagura and Yomi a break. Kagura visits the nurses grave after seeing the new nurse and breaking down whilst repeatedly apologising. Here she meets her friends again and again Yaatchi criticises her. Kagura tells her to hit her if she hates her but Yaatchi doesn’t as she sees Kagura break down again and they all hug each other.

Meanwhile, as Yomi returns home, she is greeted by her Uncle and Mei. She notices something odd about Mei but Mei stares back and she dismisses her doubts.

Back with Kagura we see her sitting on a bench telling her friends the truth about what she is. Yaatchi questions if she actually wants to do what she’s doing now and says she can’t believe it. We also see the guy from episode 1 briefly.

Kagura then meets up with Yomi and they spar a little and talk a little and Yomi cheers Kagura up when Kagura asks her if it’s right for her to live like she is. Yomi replies she’s been living like she is and that Kagura should decide for herself. She then cheers up and meets up with her friends again.

Meanwhile, we see Mei go into Yomi’s house and confront Yomi’s father. DUN DUN DUN! O_O

We then see Yomi and Noriyuki on the bench and just as they’re about to kiss Kagura calls. After the call she then switches off the phone and they kiss ^^

As Kagura returns home, she finds Yomi’s father on the floor bleeding and quickly gets him to hospital. However he dies… T_T Yomi then comes home finding Kagura sitting on the floor and as she arrives at the hospital she gets scolded by Mei and her father…

She then cries over her now deceased father…

I guess I should have known this would happen? Sort of like a typical storyline x.x

Well poor Yomi >_<

Hopefully the next episode will come out a lot sooner, had to wait like 2/3 weeks for this episode x.x

Not many pics this week though…


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