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Ga-rei -Zero- 07 – Chain of Blame

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O_O Not much happened this episode but it was pretty “epic”.

Well first of all Mei comes back alive o_O And you can guess what she’s up to when she’s alive again…

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Rosario + Vampire Capu2 07 – Bathroom + Vampire

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Well Moka got closer to Tsukune this time ^^

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Vampire Knight Guilty 07 – The Thorny Kiss

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Epic episode! :O

The episode starts off with Shiki returning to the dorms and Kaname threatens to kill him, talk about a nice introduction xD It seems he’s actually Kuran Rido, Kaname’s uncle! O_O However Takuma says he will protect “Shiki” and is on the side of the council.

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Clannad ~After Story~ 07 – Her Whereabouts

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The episode starts off with winter arriving in the Illusionary World so the robot tells the girl to go far away with him – away from the safe area of the house.

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