Clannad ~After Story~ 09 – En Route on the Sloped Road


Well the episode begins in the imaginary world again with the two building a machine to allow them to fly away from the world they’re stuck in. However winter is drawing closer and closer meaning the girl becomes weaker and weaker…

As Tomoya and Nagisa walk to school, Nagisa asks what Tomoya will do once he graduates. Tomoya then skillfully dodges the question though and says he will get a gift for Nagisa which leaves Nagisa saying odd things again xD As he leaves her though she finally realises he changed the topic XD

As “they” (Tomoya & Co) meet up in the drama club room, they talk again about graduation. However, Nagisa suddenly feels unwell and faints.

Tomoya takes her home and realises she’ll be ill for a long time again and starts to feel depressed. He also learns that Nagisa won’t be able to graduate with him this year as she’s too ill to take the exams. Okazaki tells Sanae and Akio that he can’t accept it however Akio tells him he’s behaving like a kid and that he should push forward.

As Christmas Eve finally arrives, they all go and celebrate Nagisa’s birthday and give her a really big Dango. She thanks everybody with tears in her eyes T^T.

As Sunohara and Tomoya graduate, Komura goes to graduate them too and tells them he will retire as his job is finally done; to watch Sunohara and Tomoya graduate. They thank Komura as he leaves… They should have made this part longer, it was quite touching in the game seeing how Komura’s only wish was to see Sunohara and Tomoya graduate T^T

On his way home, Tomoya thinks through the memories of him and Nagisa and as he arrives back at the bakery, he sees her there waiting for her. He then cries as he realises that he’s graduated and can’t ever go to school with her again T_T. Nagisa shows how strong she is here though and pushes Tomoya on even though she is suffering the most T.T

Well this episode was really touching and sad. I’m a sucker for the touching scenes in Clannad T_T


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