Rosario + Vampire Capu2 07 – Bathroom + Vampire


Well Moka got closer to Tsukune this time ^^

Whilst they’re still in the human world, Tsukune decides to visit his mother on his own. However moments later Moka visits too which causes Tsukune’s mum to faint as he has never bought a girl home before.

As Tsukune is in his room with Moka, he finds Kurumu and Mizore there already but they fell asleep and wake up with Yukari also entering. We then see Tsukune’s mum on her way into the room telling herself that it’s nothing special that Tsukune bought a girl home and she should just give her a warm welcome. However when she walks into his room and sees all the girls there she faints lol.

Moments later Tsukune decides to have a shower, however Kurumu and the others sneak (except for Moka). They then end up running around half naked whilst Tsukune’s mum is calling Tsukune’s dad to come home and give his son sex ed lessons lol.

His cousin/sister then comes home and helps Tsukune choose who the best girl for him is. However Kurumu and Mizore start fighting and Yukari also gets stuck fighting. Meanwhile, Moka talks to Tsukune’s mum and Tsukune’s mum begins to acknowledge her. She then goes outside to stop the fighting by releasing her powers.

They then get taken back to Youhei Academy for causing trouble in the human world. xD

End of episode~

Well this episode was quite funny xD We also see Kokoa riding her bike to Tsukune’s house but turns up once everyone had left, leaving Tsukune’s mum fainting again xD


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