Yo! (Introduction)

Well this is my first ever blog, never made one before as I thought there was no need. Even now I dunno why I made a blog, I guess I’ve just got too much time to burn in life at the moment lol.

Well to start off I guess this will be an introduction about myself.

I’m David and I’m 16 years old. I have black hair and dark brown eyes and I’m around 6 ft (quite tall for an asian xD). Currently studying AS-level in a grammar school in England. I was born and lived here all my life but I’m chinese (asian ftw!). xD I’m studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics and Critical Thinking (damn this was compulsory) at the moment. Did my GCSEs last year and got some ok results (3 A*s – Maths, Physics and D.T. Graphics, 5 As – Biology, Chemistry, I.T., Business Studies and Religious Education, 3 Bs – English Language, English Literature and French and a D in P.E. lol). My parents were quite proud with my results so they gave me a bit of cash and gave me a lobster + scallop feast. ❤ Lobster and scallop! ^^

I’ve had a crunchyroll account for a while and it shows which anime I’ve watched and so on. http://www.crunchyroll.com/user/Ulti is my crunchyroll profile, feel free to add if you have one. I love to watch anime and you can see how much I’ve watched on there lol. I do also enjoy playing MMORPGs and to a certain extent, MMOFPS. At this very moment, (well not literally) I’m watching Ergo Proxy whilst playing a bit of Sword of the New World and SD Gundam Online for gaming. I got through episode 1 of Ergo Proxy but then left it sitting there for around 4 days now.. lol. I’m definitelly gonna go back soon though . Just depends when.

Sword of the New World (SOTNW):

My pretty characters ^^

My pretty characters ^^

SD Gundam Online:

My Freedom <3

My Freedom ❤

Well yeah anyway, that’s about it really lol. I’m quite a boring guy it seems. xD


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