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Ga-Rei -Zero- 05 – Obstinate Feelings

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Well this episode builds up the relationship between Yomi and Nori.

The episode begins with Yomi’s father giving her his wife’s kimono and then asking whether or not she’ll accept a marriage proposal from Nori’s father. She accepts and appears to be really happy.

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Vampire Knight Guilty 05 – The Subordinate’s Trap

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I wonder what happened in Yuuki’s past too o.O

Still not telling us in this episode >_<

Not much happened in this episode really, it just continues where the last episode left off with Yuuki hallucinating blood everywhere o.O Then somehow she gets her pole out when Kaname is standing behind her and attacks him :O But it doesn’t do much damage and he just hugs her and says he loves her. This leaves her speechless and she doesn’t manage to ask her question.


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Gundam 00 S2 05 – Homeland Burning

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As Celestial Being lands in the Katalon base, Katalon urge CB to join with them. However CB decline and leave shortly not knowing of what lies ahead.

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Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 05 – The Scarlet First Date

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Yuuhi talks about her suspicions about how close Minato and Junichi are but Minato¬† just says that’s because they’re siblings. Junichi then bursts into the room asking Minato to go on a date with him xD It’s just to watch a film though (Some monster film. However, Yuuhi offers to go and they let her.

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Clannad ~After Story~ 05 – The Seasons You Were In

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Such a sad episode T_T So sad… T_T

This episode is the start of Misae’s arc…

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