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Vampire Knight Guilty 04 – The Devil’s Quickening

Posted in Anime, Vampire Knight Guilty with tags , , on November 4, 2008 by ulti00

The episode starts off with Shiki being led by his uncle to visit a guy in a tub of blood and a boy who looks like the boy who was luring Yuuki. His uncle then bows and says to Shiki that that’s his father. The boy then faints and guy in blood “wakes” up and seems to suck some blood from Shiki using some whip like red thing.

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Rosario + Vampire Capu2 04 – Body Measurement + Vampire

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This episode is an anime only episode and does not appear in the manga.

Yukari is jealous as Tsukune pays no attention to her whatsoever and she wonders if it’s because she’s really small…

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Ga-Rei -Zero- 04 – The Duty of Justice

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Yuri action! :O

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Gundam 00 S2 04 – A Reason to Battle

Posted in Anime, Gundam 00 2nd Season with tags , , on October 27, 2008 by ulti00

The episode begins with Marina thanking CB and then making a request – to take her back to Azadistan. The brown haired girl then interrupts and asks if they are lovers. (Setsuna and Marina) We see that Sumeragi still isn’t up to rejoin CB as she cannot find her reason to fight. Lockon then catches Feldt watching him and wakes her up by kissing her and asking her to go to his room in which she cries and slaps him. Allelujah vows to bring Marie back with his Arios.

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Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 04 – The Blue Mad Party

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Tsukasa & Co get suspicious as Junichi and Yuuhi come to school at the same time. Ayanokouji then invites everyone to her family party or w.e. it is. However, Junichi declines the invitation.

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Clannad ~After Story~ 04 – With the Same Smile as That Day

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Well this certainly was a sad episode with a happy ending. This is what I love about Clannad, some moments are so sad they bring tears to your eyes but then the other part warms your heart up with the comedy it has (Tomoya + Sunohara moments ftw).

This episode carries on from the last one with Mei depressed by how his brother has changed. She decides to go to the soccer club to get them to let his brother rejoin.

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