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Chaos;Head 03 – contact

Posted in Anime, Chaos;Head with tags , , on October 29, 2008 by ulti00

Takumi reminisces about his childhood of which he couldn’t speak for a moment of his life. He explained how his parents didn’t let him go to a field trip that he was looking forward to so he got really upset and kept repeating a phrase in his head – I no one else could go. The news then reported how everyone on the bus died and no one could go to the field trip. This made him even more sad and he thought about the possibility of him having precognition powers. This led to him secluding himself from the world and before long, his mother realised he didn’t speak and took him to a general hospital.

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Chaos;Head 02 – ego

Posted in Anime, Chaos;Head with tags , , on October 24, 2008 by ulti00

Carrying from last episode, Taku is still panicking from the sight of the pink haired murderer. However, she appears friendly with him. They look each other in the eye and Taku somehow reads out her name. Puzzled why he knows her name, his friend tells him they have been friends since the first year and shows him a picture. Freaking out over this, he heads home.

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Chaos;Head 01 – boot up

Posted in Anime, Chaos;Head with tags , , on October 12, 2008 by ulti00

Another new anime I’m starting; Chaos;Head.

It sure starts off weird… Some guy is lying there in the rain in some wrecked city and some girl comes over to him and says “Sorry” and seems to summon a weapon and puts it on top of his heart and kisses him.

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