Vampire Knight Guilty 08 – The Spiral of Recollection ~Spiral~


The episode starts off showing us Yuuki’s past in which she lived with her father, mother and Kaname. We learn from assumption that Yuuki’s father is killed by his brother, Rido and Yuuki’s mother then begins a ritual in which Yuuki’s vampire side will be sealed forever but this will be at the cost of her own life. Kaname goes outside to kill Rido whilst Yuuki watches her mother die…

As Yuuki wakes up, she has a burning sensation in her throat, the thurst for blood. Kaname lets her suck his blood in which she tells him she remembers all her memories now. She cries though. Kaname then leaves her and tells her that he will be returning soon and that she shouldn’t leave her room.

Meanwhile, Rima battles Rido inside Senri’s body and Rido plays with her with Ichijou telling to both stop. However Rima begins to get pissed off and begins to fight seriously however Rido fires a shot at her heart but Ichijou saves her. Rima then tells Senri to stop letting Rido control his body so easily and that he should love it more. This leaves Senri and Rido fighting for the body.

Yuuki wants to visit Zero so she leaves her room. However she is confronted by Akatsuki and Aidou but they let her pass but she tells them to follow her.

Kaname seems to be talking to one of his night class students as he tells her to guard the day class students’ rooms. However Ruka passes him and apologises for being so stupid but Kaname apologises back to him and tells her he trusts her. She then meets up with Aidou and Akatsuki and tells them she will show the world her cool side ^^

We then see Cross Kaien muttering “If I still have the power within me” whilst he looks at a bandaged weapon.

As Yuuki gets to Zero’s door, Zero holds his gun at the door…

Will Zero forgive Yuuki? Will Senri get his body back? What will Ruka do? What is inside the coffin that Ichiru stands by?

This episode is full of questions!


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