Rosario + Vampire Capu2 09 – Ski + Vampire


In this episode, they go on a ski resort… to Mizore’s homeland!

Kokoa learns that Moka’s powers are sealed by the rosary and vows to take the rosary off to release the vampire Moka.

Meanwhile, Mizore takes Tsukune as a hostage back to her house to make babies with him but she realises that she lost him so she goes back to find him xD

Moka finds Tsukune on a path side and Kokoa manages to catch up and tries to pull of the rosary but she fails to and shouts, causing an avalanche to occur. This leads Tsukune and Kokoa in a deep canyon where they have to stay inside a cave as there is a strong blizzard outside.

Meanwhile, Moka gets everyone to search for them.

Tsukune asks why Kokoa hates her and Kokoa yells at Tsukune for taking away her sister. However, Kokoa falls ill to a fever and Tsukune protects her whilst a Yeti comes to “attack them”. Luckily, Mizore comes in luckily but fails to beat it but then Moka comes and Tsukune removes the rosary by accident as usual leaving Moka to defeat the Yeti.

Everyone then manages to get to where they are but they see the Yeti again but realise it’s only Mizore’s father lol x.x

Well there’s some bath images for you guys to see 😛


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