Vampire Knight Guilty 07 – The Thorny Kiss


Epic episode! :O

The episode starts off with Shiki returning to the dorms and Kaname threatens to kill him, talk about a nice introduction xD It seems he’s actually Kuran Rido, Kaname’s uncle! O_O However Takuma says he will protect “Shiki” and is on the side of the council.

Meanwhile, Yuuki is still having bad dreams as well as hallucinations of blood. “Shiki” goes to hit on Ruka but luckily for her Akatsuki comes in to save her but Takuma comes in and stops everyone. Ruka thanks Akatsuki shortly.

Yuuki then meets up with Kaname again and he asks if he wants to go somewhere else as the school is boring. She states that he still hasn’t answered her question, does he have anything to do with her past? She then starts having hallucinations and asks why he always looks at her with sad eyes before she faints again.

Kaname brings her back to the Chairman’s house and lets her sleep whilst he talks to Kaname about it being the right time 😮

After Yuuki wakes up she begins to hallucinate blood again and then Zero comes in but she pounces on him and threatens to strangle him. She then says a few weird things to Zero and says that she used him and everything she does for him is actually for her own sake. Zero then tells her how it makes it sound as she is fully dependent on him and that she should be depending on Kaname, not him. Yuuki then quickly gets up and says she’s ok and tells Zero to get out. However once Zero gets out she starts hallucinating again but this time Kaname enters through the window. Yuuki cries and quickly runs torwards him but Kaname makes Yuuki go to sleep before carrying her away. Zero rushes in but Kaname tells Zero that he won’t betray him.

Kaname brings her to a balcony and when she wakes up, Kaname tells her to awaken once more before biting her on the neck whilst she faints again. However she wakes up and starts to resist but he covers her mouth and doesn’t stop. She then faints again and he bites his wrist and then sucks his blood before passing this to Yuuki through kissing. She then wakes up and Kaname asks if she has remembered everything. She replies with a yes.

Everyone in the dorm then realises the scent of Kaname’s blood and Zero aims his gun at Kaname and says he can smell the blood of two vampires and shouts furiously at Kaname. Yuuki stops him and tells him that Kaname is her brother. This leaves Zero in shock and Yuuki faints again and then is caught by Kaname again.

Well not that was a big turn, I read the spoilers somewhere before but omg that was epic! Can’t wait till the next episode!


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