Gundam 00 S2 06 – With Reunions and Departure


Saji fails to fire, leaving Ian to fire instead but Louise only gets her MS’ arm blown off as Andrei Smirnov saves her.

As Setsuna is fighting Mr Bushido, he is losing so the Trans Arm system is activated, giving him an advantage again. Meanwhile, Marie stabs Arios but Allelujah grabs onto Marie’s Ahead and they both fall onto the island. Setsuna’s twin drives then blow up, leaving Lockon and Tieria to defend him whilst Mr Bushido leaves the battle saying that his machine is not complete yet and is therefore not worth killing.

Sumeragi then wakes up and begins to give tactics again, forcing A-Laws to retreat.

Both sides then realise Soma and Allelujah are missing and head off to find them.

Meanwhile on the island, Allelujah wakes up and also wakes up Marie. Marie then begins to attack Allelujah but she regains her memories but then faints again. When she wakes up she talks to Allelujah and learnt what had happened. Allelujah tells her how he’s sorry for leaving her behind but tells her that it was better this way as the ship they stole and left on did not end up going anywhere and they run out of food and supplies and his other side Hallelujah awoke and killed all his friends.

As this happens, Colonel Smirnov comes and realises that Marie is no longer the Soma that he knew and pretends to fire at her and Allelujah but he remembers Allelujah saving the satellite from before and does not fire at them and instead just says Soma Peries has died honourably in battle and leaves after hearing Marie tells him that the Soma inside her says that she wanted to be his daughter. He leaves saying “I see, hearing that along is enough.”

Lockon then manages to find them and the Colonel uses light communication to avoid battle. The episode the ends with Allelujah kissing Marie.

Well this episode was great, I wonder what Marie will do now? Join CB? Allelujah probably won’t want her in danger… Hmm guess we’ll find out next week!


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