Gundam 00 S2 06 – Scar


Sorry for the long hiatus xD

The episode starts off with the scene from last episode being shown again with Azadistan on fire.

As the Gundam Meisters get back to the Kataron base, they are treated as if they were the cause of the base being leaked. However, Lockon stops the dispute and Tieria says it was not them who leaked the info. Meanwhile, he sees Saji and questions him and shouts at him. Setsuna walks past and and sees this and gives Saji the evils.

Meanwhile, to let the remaining Kataron members head to another base, CB decide to reveal themselves to the enemy and fight at full force.

Mannequin mentions how the tactics used by the CB is similar to Kujou and suspects that CB’s tactician is Kujou. However, Sumeragi faints and leaves CB with no tactician. They therefore end up fighting at full force against A-Laws.

Mannequin realises that they’re fighting at full force and begins to doubt that CB’s tactician is Kujou.

During the battle, Mr Bushido faces Setsuna, Allelujah against Marie and Tieria and Lockon gunning down the others. Ptolemaus then comes under attack by Louise and Saji says he will help, however he hesitates to fire o.o

What will happen?!?! Find out shortly.. xD


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