Clannad ~After Story~ 08 – A Courageous Fight


Quite sad this episode T_T

The other clan (Sasaki’s clan) hears that Kazuto is up again and the decide to attack Kazuto’s clan before they regain all the power.

Yukine and Tomoya then go and talk to Sasaki and end up coming to an agreement; the leaders of both clans have a one on one face off.

As Kazuto is still actually in hospital, they end up voting Sunohara to fight as he boasts about how he beat up 4 people at once. However at the scene of the battle,  Nagisa’s rainbow bread knocks out every guy on their side apart from Yu and Tomoya. Therefore Tomoya ends up taking Sasaki on.

He gets beaten up pretty badly but Sasaki begins to get tired too but as Sunohara and co wakes up, they see Tomoya getting beaten up so they rush in to help him however Sasaki’s gang sees the other gang run in so they run in too even though Sasaki and Tomoya are both telling both sides to stop.

However they see that Kazuto has arrived and Sasaki charges at him and punches him but it’s actually Yukine in disguise. She then cries and Tomoya shouts at Sasaki telling him that Yukine wants to stop the fight.

The next scene shows them at Kazuto’s grave and they all pray for him. Kazuto’s clan had to hide that he died in order to stop Sasaki’s gang attacking them.

Well that’s Yukine’s arc finished… I wonder what’s happening next episode? It shows Nagisa asking him what happens when he graduates and then it shows him going emo? I dunno guess we’ll have to see. They can’t graduate already can they? x.x What happened to the Ryou/Kyou arc? I guess it ended in season 1 early x.x


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