LG Viewty & Unique Skins

Well I got a new phone like 3 weeks ago, an LG Viewty.

It was second hand so I wasn’t expecting too much to be honest. However it came in pretty good condition, it was already unlocked (not exactly hard to do but yeah) but the touch screen had no scratches whatsoever. However the silver trimmings along the side were a bit scratched though. I didn’t worry though and just got on with using my phone.

Searching around the LG Viewty forums, I was basically changing firmware for the first few days, messing around with themes and stuff. However, the themes were kinda slow and seeing as LG are gay and won’t really allow theme changers, half the custom themes didn’t look too good on the Viewty so I ended up switching back to the default black one.

I also found out about Unique Skins on there and worked out how to become and affiliate and receive a free skin xD After become an affiliate I designed and sent my order for a free skin 😀

Just to let you guys know, Unique Skins is a company that produces custom skins for many types of mobile phones and mp3 players as well as laptops and game consoles for a very low price (especially if you live in the USA). You get to upload pictures and design your own or use the designs that are already there. It’s really cool as you can make your phone look awesome and customize it to the way you want to. And it doesn’t cost much either and lasts for a long while.

I then started to get annoyed with the silver trimmings so I decided to get new housing for the phone however after receiving it I didn’t have the right screwdriver to open my phone up so I just left it there.

The next day my Unique Skin arrived! ^_^ (Today) I borrowed a screwdriver from a friend but it wasn’t the right one either so I gave up on the housing and just scratched off all the silver trimming parts, if worse came to worse then I’d just go out and get a screwdriver and change the housing. However now, I love the Viewty, without the silver parts it looks even more awesome! :O

Then I stuck the Unique Skin on my phone and WAH! It looks even more awesome! ^-^ (Check the right side of the page to see the link to Unique Skins).

Anyway, here’s some photos of my LG Viewty and details on how to get a free skin below:

Click here to find out more about the affiliate program. – Basically you can get a free skin if you help them to advertise on your website. You also get 15% commission which is awesome.

As you can see the quality is quite nice and you get to design your own skins ^^ It’s made from some M3 material which to me looks like some really nice printed plastic that manages to stick to your phone and looks like it will stay there for a while. It’s also really smooth so the picture won’t get scratched off easily. I guess like most plastics if you leave it in the sun it’ll lose the colour or if you scratch it it’ll get scratched easily. It looks really awesome as it has a glossy shine to it and I simply love my simple front cover and my Shakugan no Shana back cover. Well I’ll be using these for a while (I guess until it begins to rip/get cut/fade in colour) and then I’ll order some more as it’s just under a $10 for international mail (I live in the UK) when I get bored XD

Well yeah, just wanted to let you guys know about it xD.

Well now to talk about the LG Viewty; the first thing I gotta say is. It sure is worth it’s money. For around £80-90 second hand or £130 brand new, it’s a total bargain. It has a boastable 5MP camera as well as fully touch screen. It also features 120fps video recording and some nice camera features (check out the viewty water balloon video on Youtube – really awesome!) It supports up to 2GB memory cards (but 8GB works too – search on Viewty forums to find out how) and can play DivX videos now this is a TOTALLY awesome feature. Watching Anime with subs? Sorted. With a 3 inch touchscreen supporting up to 640*480 .avi videos, it relaly is an awesome phone for me. Listenining to music, taking pictures every now and then and watching anime is all I need really and as I said right at the beginning, for the price it’s sold at, it really is a bargain. However, there are many disadvantages of getting a Viewty. Firstly, the phone is quite laggy as it’s internal RAM is really low. You can see that the iPhone is much faster. Another thing is that it doesn’t fully support widgets so you don’t have the cool Samsung Tocco/Omnia features (However there’s a cool theme by Joe which copies the Tocco theme). The music player isn’t the best either and is nowhere near as awesome as a walkman phone. However it does have one touch shuffling and you can make playlists of up to 100 songs. However, the songs can’t be arranged on your memory card so that kinda sucks. A problem that I’ve heard is that the bluetooth signal sucks though but I don’t use bluetooth very often so I guess that’s not a problem for me. I also heard the battery life sucks but even with this second hand Viewty, the can last 2-3 days if I call people for around an hour, watch around 3 episodes of anime and listen to around 2 hours of music and send around 20 text messages. That’s pretty good battery life considering it’s second hand. Maybe a first hand one will be able to do that for like 4-5 days? If it can that really is awesome. However, there are loads of bugs that people have found and when sending it to LG, all LG say is that there will be a firmware update sometime… Bleh it’s bull, LG’s customer support sucks. The new Renoir coming out is basically a Viewty but better (but also more expensive)

Well I’ll just say that the Viewty is an awesome phone for non-hardcore users but could have been much improved. If you’re on a limited budget like me, then get the Viewty, if not then i’d say go for the iPhone if you like surfing the web/music or for the Samsung Omnia if you’re more multi tasking. They do cost like 3-4x more than the Viewty though lol.

And finally, thanks for the people at Unique Skins for giving me this awesome free skin!


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