Ga-Rei -Zero- 06 – Beautiful Enemy


Woot, some more action in Ga-Rei!

This week the episode starts off with Kagura’s father killing a whole load of Rank Ds with Byakuei and the opening starts rather quickly.

Kagura and Yomi then confront a Category B, Yamabiko, which has the power to transform into it’s opening and copy the attack. As Kagura confronted it, the Yamabiko cut her leg and was about to deal another attack but Yomi comes in and stabs it. However just as they thought they won, they were surrounded by more Yamabikos but Mei (Yomi’s “cousin”) comes in and tells Yomi to tell Nue to use Roaring Blast which sorts of freezes the Yamabiko and then they quickly dispatch them all. Mei then tells them she was watching them and scolds them for making too many unnecessary movements and talks about how inheriting a spirit beast is a waste if you can’t put it to good use.

After this Kagura then visits her father (who has a sesshouseki) who tells her that she will inherit Byakuei soon and that once Byakuei is bound inside one, one can only unbind it by giving up their own life. Meaning that he will die soon and pass down Byakuei to Kagura. He then leaves Kagura and tells her to become strong.

The next day, lots of Category Cs and Ds appear around town and the whole team is sent to dispatch them. After refusing to join the team, Mei goes and looks for where the centre of the trouble is and finds the mastermind, Kazuhiro Mitogawa (butterfly guy), behind it all who seems to hold Sesshouseki and easily kills Mei.

Meanwhile, Kagura’s friends are being attacked by the school nurse who is being controlled by a Category C. Kagura then kills her and drops her blade and pukes and her friend comfort her…


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