Clannad ~After Story~ 07 – Her Whereabouts


The episode starts off with winter arriving in the Illusionary World so the robot tells the girl to go far away with him – away from the safe area of the house.

Tomoya,  Sunohara and Nagisa are then seen in the reference room with Yukine cooking some fried rice. One of her brother’s gang members then comes in and tells Yukine goodbye as he says he lost in a fight and can’t go back to face his comrades. However Yukine cheers him up but a member from the rival gang come in and then they both take it outside.

After school, Yukine, Tomoya&Co are walking home but a little boy gets behind Yukine and tries to threaten her. However, she just acts calmly and puts him down on a bench. Sunohara then pretends to be Yukine’s brother and the boy falls for it and asks for his sister back. Yukine then promises to find his sister for him whilst Sunohara leads Yuu (the boy) around and Yuu copies Sunohara lol.

Yukine then tells Yuu that she found out where his sister is and they go to visit her in the gang’s hangout. Here they realise that Sunohara was pretending to be Yukine’s brother and Sunohara gets picked on as usual. They also learn that Yukine’s brother is actually in hospital due to a traffic accident after helping someone out. It also tells us how there are 2 rival clans there and that when they get hurt they go to Yukine and she will help anyone, no matter their background, that’s why she’s like an older sister to everyone.

As they finally leave, 3 members of the other clan thought that Sunohara was the Yukine’s brother and they run away but Tomoyo comes from nowhere and pwns the gang people easily saying she patrols often after there was some violence involving the gang and the school.

Well not much really happened in this episode, never really liked the Yukine arc much but the anime version kinda sucks compared to the game, the game version was sort of much warmer and closer… Well I’ll tell you next week xD


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