Rosario + Vampire Capu2 06 – Field Trip + Vampire


Well this is another anime exclusive episode. Nothing much happens though.

The episode begins with 4 monster-people, who call themselves the 4 Kings, vowing to take over the world.

We then see that Youkai Academy are going on a field trip to the real world.

We see that Moka is constantly trying to be alone with Tsukune but the other girls keep getting in her way.

In the end, Moka finally manages to be alone with Tsukune but the monster-people from before capture Tsukune and take him away. However, Moka & co, after being dressed up by Ruby, come and take Tsukune back easily but the monster-people call on Kokoa to take out Moka & Co. However, coincidentally, Tsukune manages to pull off Moka’s rosary and Moka kicks Kokoa’s arse.

The next day Moka and Tsukune sneak off but they bump into the 4 monster-people who ask Moka to lead them. Moka ends up biting into Tsukune’s neck as usual to end the episode.

Well people do say that Rosario + Vampire isn’t the best anime series don’t they? Oh well, at least the pantyshots are uncensored mostly on this episode, good for you pantyshot-loving fans out there XD


2 Responses to “Rosario + Vampire Capu2 06 – Field Trip + Vampire”

  1. do you know when the other episodes are gonna be up? i love this show XD and is this the first or second season?

  2. Capu2 is the second season, check here to see when the episodes are out:

    Been a bit lazy with blogging about anime lately but I’m coming back xD

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