Vampire Knight Guilty 05 – The Subordinate’s Trap

I wonder what happened in Yuuki’s past too o.O

Still not telling us in this episode >_<

Not much happened in this episode really, it just continues where the last episode left off with Yuuki hallucinating blood everywhere o.O Then somehow she gets her pole out when Kaname is standing behind her and attacks him :O But it doesn’t do much damage and he just hugs her and says he loves her. This leaves her speechless and she doesn’t manage to ask her question.


Zero then offers to confront Kaname in which he does by pointing his gun at Kaname. Kaname then disciplines him a bit by choking him and slaming him into a few things before cutting his chest. He then lets Zero drink his blood… Weird o.o

We then see that the Vampire Hunter dude will leave to find trails on the Association’s motives and they talk about Ichiru joining the school. Yuuki overhears this and learns that Zero permitted it.

Zero and Ichiru then have a short talk about the cursed twins thing and Yuuki watches them and says how brave Zero is in being able to confront Ichiru. She then decides that she will definitely consult Kaname, even if she loves him. Zero holds her hand as she leaves but lets go again.

She then meets him near the fountain and tells her he won’t tell her what happened as he think she won’t love him anymore after that. Yuuki says she will and Kaname asks her to prove it by becoming his lover. She rejects him but he hugs her back. Meanwhile Zero watches with worried eyes before getting shouted at by Kaname…

Omg, I really wanna know what’s going to happening but they’re not showing >_<


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