Ga-Rei -Zero- 05 – Obstinate Feelings


Well this episode builds up the relationship between Yomi and Nori.

The episode begins with Yomi’s father giving her his wife’s kimono and then asking whether or not she’ll accept a marriage proposal from Nori’s father. She accepts and appears to be really happy.

However, the next day at work Yomi puts on perfume and Nori basically says it stinks like shit which pisses Yomi off and they end up in a bit of a quarrel till they’re stopped by Ayame.

Meanwhile, Yomi’s father is confronted by his brother in how Yomi’s father will pass everything down to Yomi even though she isn’t blood related. He also says that he has a daughter but his daughter declines moderately.

She is then in the car talking to her father and mentions how exorcists have short lives anyway and if she were to inherit the things and die then it would go to Yomi anyway, however, if Yomi gets them and then dies, it goes to her. She mentions how it’s only a matter of time…

The MOE then set up a plan to setup Yomi and Nori which is basically using Kiri as bait to lure Nori which should make Yomi jealous. However when Yomi sees this she just gets angry and attacks Nori but Nori attacks her back. Kagura sees this and starts crying and rushes in. However Yomi and Nori says they’ve made up but Kagura won’t believe them till they prove it by kissing. Nori goes in for the kiss but Yomi throws him over xD

Meanwhile, whilst killing an evil spirit, the daughter from before mentions it’s only a matter of time till Yomi dies so it doesn’t matter who dies it. :O Is she gonna murder Yomi? Well probably not seeing as Yomi was still alive after this time. Maybe Yomi killed her and turned evil? :O Well we’ll have to wati to see what happens!


2 Responses to “Ga-Rei -Zero- 05 – Obstinate Feelings”

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