Clannad ~After Story~ 06 – Forever By Your Side


Awwwwwwww such a sad episode T_T

I remember playing this arc on the Clannad Visual Novel and it was so sad, even though I knew what would happen, it was so sad watching it again T_T

The episode carries on from last time where Misae and Shima are both upset from what happened.

Yuki and her friend sets up Shima to use some chat up lines on Misae and this causes Misae and Shima to admit their love to each other.

The next day, Yuki and her friend tells Shima that Misae will be late as she’s the school president. But Shima really wanted to Misae working so Yuki dressed him up as a girl to get him into the school. He then met Misae and told her he loved her. This led to a misunderstanding as everyone thought that Shima was a girl.

He then left in embarrassment as he realised what he was doing xD He then went to retrieve his things and remembered he was here to grant a wish to Misae. They then end up visiting Shima’s house but they find out that Shima is actually dead… Shima then remembers that his owner was Shima and he was Shima’s cat and went to help Shima by granting his final wish which was to grant Misae a wish. T_T

Misae and Shima then meet up later at the festival and Misae tells Shima her wish – “Please love me forever and ever. Please love me” Shen then goes and kisses Shima and he cries tears of happiness and thinks to himself that he really did love her and that even though the time they spent together was short, it was precious. He also liked Yuki and Saki and enjoyed how they all spent their time together. T_T He thanks her and she goes and buys some drinks.

However when she comes back, Shima isn’t there anymore but she manages to catch a glimpse of him before he disappears from Misae and leaves her, saying a few words which Misae didn’t get to hear. T_T “I will continue to love you for the rest of my life. I always will” T_T

We then see Misae has taken up the job of landlady of the boy’s dorms and she waits for Shima to come back but instead a cat comes.

Tomoya then wakes up from the “dream” that the cat implanted into his mind and he decides that he will tell Misae what happened.

On the night of the festival, the cat runs torwards Tomoya from the Dorms and Misae chases it all the way there. Tomoya then tells Misae that the cat had said to her: “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay with you to the end of the festival. Just as you wished, I’ve always been with you.” He then tells her that he’s wishing for her happiness and that he’s worried about her. Misae then agrees and says maybe she can bloom a little more too.

We then see an orb of light fall down from the sky.

And at the end, we see the cat asking his master if he’s fulfilled his mission.

T_T So sad…

Well it seems next episode will be Yukine’s arc.. To be honest I didn’t find it that good, nowhere near as touching as Kyou/Ryou, Sunohara Mei/Youhei, Tomoyo, Nagisa and Fuuko’s arc. Those were really good T^T. Well we’ll have to see how it goes ^^


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