Soul Eater 31 – Drying Happiness: To Whom do you Shed Tears in the Moonlight Shine?

Woot, well there’s a new opening! I quite like the song, reminds me of something like The Brilliant Green.

In this episode, Crona reflects upon how everyone treats her nicely and wonders why they do.

Just after a party, Crona leaves happily back to her room but Medusa spoils this happiness and scares Crona and tells him to find a secret vault. Crona agrees to this as she is mentally unstable with Medusa there again.

Crona then wanders around and tries to look for it but Marie sees her and after a long while manages to  lead Crona back to her room. Here Eruka and Medusa talk to Crona and make use of Marie. They give Crona a listening pen to listen to see how Stein is doing.

Crona then meets Marie and puts the the ink of the pen in her tea and then heads home. Now Stein will become more mad with Marie around her…

What will happen to Stein? Will he really go mad? We’ll have to keep watching! =]


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