Soul Eater 30 – Red Hot’s Runaway Express! The Demon Tool Left Behind by the Great Demon Guru?

Some action with Kid, Liz and Patty!

This episode starts off with Kid in his father’s costume walking around in the desert. They are seemingly waiting for the out of control train that arrives at the station there everyday without ever being late once and is controlled by a demon tool.

They arrive at the station and see what seems to be a tourist. Suddenly just as Kid thought the train was late, it popups out of the sand and Kid & Co jump onto it, meeting the Fisher King – an assassin sent by Arachnophobia.

The “tourist” then lets down her soul protector, revealing that she’s a witch. However she just watches the situation and doesn’t really intervene much except through a few bombs here and there.

Kid manages to get the upper hand in the fight against the Fisher King and manages to get the Demon Tool. He talks about his disgust for Eibon but Fisher King tells him to look at the demon tool after he unlocks it with the key. There it shows Eibon and Death Shinigami’s signature. Shortly before Fisher King can reveal anymore, Sid shows up and kills the Fisher King.

Kid then returns to Shibusen and searches the library for information about Eibon in the hope of discovering more about his father. However, he discovers that it has been taken out by Medusa on the day of the Kishin’s revival…

Dun dun dun…!


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