Gundam 00 S2 05 – Homeland Burning

As Celestial Being lands in the Katalon base, Katalon urge CB to join with them. However CB decline and leave shortly not knowing of what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, Setsuna escorts Marina back to Azadistan and Saji leaves the base because he believes that CB and Kataron are the ones responsable for the wars and he doesn’t want to stay there as a Kataron. However, suddenly an EF ship arrives and captures Saji and learns where the Kataron base is.

Sergei then urges Saji to quickly escape as his life will be danger because his presence was leaked.

He then drives away in disgust and sees A-Laws attacking the Kataron base. They launch Automatons and kill lots of Katarons before the Gundams manage to come and backup Kataron. Lockon guns down in rage while Soma just stands there and watches in horror as she sees the inhuman way of how they do things.

Meanwhile, Setsuna and Marina arrive in Azadistan but see it is completely engulfed in flames and Setsuna realises that Ali destroyed the country with his new mobile suit…


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