Vampire Knight Guilty 04 – The Devil’s Quickening

The episode starts off with Shiki being led by his uncle to visit a guy in a tub of blood and a boy who looks like the boy who was luring Yuuki. His uncle then bows and says to Shiki that that’s his father. The boy then faints and guy in blood “wakes” up and seems to suck some blood from Shiki using some whip like red thing.

Kaname’s body guard then tells him that “they” have started moving and Kaname appears to become angry as he suddenly uses his vampire powers and the place “shakes”.

Meanwhile, Yuuki is having a bath and tries to remember her past and tries really hard. Zero then comes to check if she’s ok as she was in there for a while. Suddenly the bath water turns into blood and she screams but it turns into water again. Zero then asks if everything is ok and Yuuki says she’s ok and Zero proceeds to walk away but Yuuki grabs onto his shirt. She tells him how she tried to remember her past and that everything seems to have been sealed up. He then says that maybe they should search the files of what happened 10 years ago.

Cross Kaien, Yuuki, Zero and the other vampire hunter dude go to the Vampire Hunter’s Association and look at the files there. Here they meet the president who leads Zero to a room where she tempts him with the blood there. She also tells him about the Cursed Twins. (Where twins are never born into vampire hunter families and even if they are, one absorbs the other) Yuuki discovers that Cross Kaein was a vampire hunter 16 years ago too. The other vampire hunter dude also discovers that the Vampire Association are up to something…

Suddenly, Yuuki screams out and they see the book she was holding had started burning. She then notices that it’s as if something’s preventing her from knowing about her pass.

She then lies on her bed and sees a little “evil” red silhouette of a girl in front of her but when she gets up it’s gone. Zero then comes in and says that she owns him and has the right to do anything to him as his life is totally dependent on her.

Kaname then comes back to the dorms and gives Yuuki a rose that blooms once every 10 years and Zero a cursed puppet rofl. Yuuki then tells Kaname that they want to have a talk alone.

Kaname then discovers that Aidou has been in his room and tell him he cannot tell him anything more about his affairs except that his parents were murdered. Aidou says he really wants to help Kaname in whatever he does and wants to know more. However, Kaname says he is just happy Aidou didn’t suspect him of murdering his parents.

Ichijou is then told by his grandfather to meet someone and addresses him as My Lord. (Has redish hair, might be Shiki’s father…)

Now I’m really confused at what will happen.. I know what Yuuki is cos I read about it somewhere but I wonder how it develops to “that” stage… Well I guess it’s better not to know xD


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