Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 05 – The Scarlet First Date

Yuuhi talks about her suspicions about how close Minato and Junichi are but Minato  just says that’s because they’re siblings. Junichi then bursts into the room asking Minato to go on a date with him xD It’s just to watch a film though (Some monster film. However, Yuuhi offers to go and they let her.

The next morning, Yuuhi gets up early and dresses up really nicely but Minato pretends to receive a phone call and lets Junichi and Yuuhi go out on the date alone. Minato then ends up going shopping by herself. (Aww, such a nice sister) After the film, some yobs try to take Yuuhi as she accidentally walks into one with her crepe. They try to pick on her but Junichi stares at them and rudely talks them out of the way and grabs Yuuhi’s arm and takes her with him.

They then end up sitting down in a park and asks Yuuhi what she wants to do next on the date that’s not really a date xD Mitsuki then appears and says she promises she won’t tell anyone 😛 (Will she keep her promise? xD)

Yuuhi then stares into a photo booth but pretends to be uninterested but Junichi knows she’s interested and goes and takes one with her. However she panicks when using it and only ends up with herself taking up most of the picture with Junichi in the corner and the words “I will have you dead” printed.

On their way home, Yuuhi’s favourite hat gets blown into the river so Junichi goes to get it but falls into the river and then gets a fever. Yuuhi then panicks and wanders around the house screaming lol. Luckily Minato comes home and cooks some instant ramen and then gives Junichi medicine.

The girls then have a bath and Minato talks about her being an adopted child but after some silence she says she’s just kidding. They then go to sleep and Yuuhi reflects upon how Minato and Junichi go about living their lives without complaining and how she relies on them two.

The next morning Junichi cooks breakfast and is well again and Yuuhi is shocked at that xD But Junichi is shocked that Yuuhi woke up by herself. They then head to school and they realise Mitsuki told the class what happened xD And it seems Nagomi was at the cinema and saw them too xD Yuuhi then cries some tears of happiness.

Well I’m glad Yuuhi fell for Junichi, it’s sort of like Shakugan no Shana ^^


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