Clannad ~After Story~ 05 – The Seasons You Were In

Such a sad episode T_T So sad… T_T

This episode is the start of Misae’s arc…

As Tomoya and Nagisa go to visit, they see Sunohara being taught a lesson by Misae. They then all have a sit down and Tomoyo also comes to join them later to ask how she managed to get everyone to come to school for a week when she was the school president. A rugby member then knocks on the door and Sunohara overhears Misae giving the rugby member advice on dating. Misae notices and punishes Sunohara again.

Tomoyo then leaves and Misae tells Sunohara to go back to his room. Misae then hands Nagisa and Tomoya some tickets and Nagisa and Misae talk about school and Tomoya begins to fall asleep. However the cat appears to talk to him and asks him to hand the light to “that person” (probs referring to Misae)

We then see Misae when she was back in school. She waits outside the school gates for Igaraashi but a boy called Shima interupts, causing Igaraashi to think that Shima is Misae’s boyfriend. Misae then gets really angry (who wouldn’t?) at Shima and punishes him 😛 Shima tells Misae that he owes her a wish and that he has the power to grant any wish she wants. She jokes around telling him to leave or buy her juice etc but he hesitates. She then asks why he owes her a a favour and he replies saying that she helped him when he was in hospital on a wheelchair and encouraged him to live on.

The next few days, Igaraashi learns that Shima isn’t really Misae’s boyfriend and knows of Misae’s feelings torwards himself but he has already got a girlfriend so he asks Shima for a favour – to tell Misae this. Shima then looks gloomy as he walks with Misae and tells her:

“I have to tell her something painful.”

“She has someone she likes, but he already has a girlfriend.”

“I was told to tell her that.”

Not knowing what Shima means, she tells him that it’s a great chance for him if he comforts her she may fall in love with him. He then bursts out with anger saying he can never think of it that way.

Misae then understands what Shima means as she sees Igaraashi walk along with her girlfriend.

She stares for a while then runs off…

Such a sad episode… T_T


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