Ga-Rei -Zero- 04 – The Duty of Justice

Yuri action! :O

The episode leads on from last episode where Kagura is called for work and Yomi takes a picture of her drool. Yomi then snatches Kagura’s last Pocky but Kagura bites onto it. Yomi then does the say and they bite it until it reaches the middle and Kagura blushes. Yomi notices and quickly bites the rest off and kisses Kagura by surprise and pushes her over. Sakuraba then looks over and stares at them but Yomi kicks him 😛 Iwahata ignores Yomi and Kagura though and says Sakuraba has a tight ass (Gay old man? lol).

They then meet up with Noriyuki and backup Yomi to destroy the Category B. A part of the Category B goes flying torwards a civilian but Kagura rushes in and saves her. Yomi then tells the civilian to treasure her life more.

Michael Kohara then visits Kagura but she doesn’t know who he is and sprays him with some spray that she was spraying her katana with. Yomi introduces him as the weapon smith/artist of the MoE’s weapons. He then takes most of the weapons away to clean, maintain etc, leaving Yomi with a knuckle type weapon.

Meanwhile, the civilian before commits suicide and Noriyuki uses Sakuraba as an excuse to stay away from Yomi (He’s Yomi’s fiancé) so he doesn’t get in the way of Yomi and Kagura.

Yomi and Kagura then discover an area with high evil spirits and they go and dispatch some Category Cs but Yomi’s spirit knuckle/iron thing runs out of spirit water and she gets into a pinch (with tentacles o.o) but Kagura saves her. However, they see the civilian before but she is now a Category D. She seems to have brought her friends along too and it’s a hell lot of friends she has. Yomi can’t do much so she urges Kagura to fight but Kagura hesitates to turn her blade on what used to be human. However, luckily for them, Kagura’s father thens up and Byakuei eats them all up.

He then smacks Kagura twice on her hands as punishment for her weakness and tells her to grow strong before leaving.


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