Chaos;Head 03 – contact

Takumi reminisces about his childhood of which he couldn’t speak for a moment of his life. He explained how his parents didn’t let him go to a field trip that he was looking forward to so he got really upset and kept repeating a phrase in his head – I no one else could go. The news then reported how everyone on the bus died and no one could go to the field trip. This made him even more sad and he thought about the possibility of him having precognition powers. This led to him secluding himself from the world and before long, his mother realised he didn’t speak and took him to a general hospital.

Meanwhile, Takumi visits the same hospital and the same doctor to ask the doctor whether it is possible for him to sleepwalk and type something on a computer and not realise. He then mentions how he hasn’t managed to sleep lately. However, what he really meant to say was that even though he wasn’t asleep, he can’t remember what he’s done. The doctor tells him to take a nap but tells him sleepwalking sometimes only occurs under certain circumstances, such as sleeping in his own bed.

He’s then put to sleep for 3 hours where he dreams about the nurse version of Seira-tan and mumbles how she is his wife etc etc. Otaku dreams. The nurse then wakes him up and says there’s no problem with him but giggles when he mumbles something about Seira-tan.

In school Rimi, is frightened by the ghost stories and ends up heading to the library to get a book for the teacher. She can’t reach it so some girl helps her and then that girl goes back to reading. Rimi looks at her for a while but the girl looks back and Rimi quickly walks off. The girl then mentions that the resurrection of the devil king, Gurajiooru, who shall bring forth the apocalypse, draws near.

Taku then discovers something on the Occult board of @-Channel – a band called Phantasm describes the 3rd New Gen event in their lyrics. Taku then decides to go watch the band to see who the lead vocalist, FES really is. (He suspects it’s Rimi)

Meanwhile, Yua is on We-Key Pedophiria and searches up DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder, and weeps.

Taku meets a friend outside where Phantasm are playing and his friend drags him in. They listen to the song Haritsuke no Misa which describes the event of New Gen. Note: The girl is the same girl who was in the library I believe and FES is her stage name. She then says to Taku – “Whose eyes are those?”

It then seems that Taku has finally been dragged by her sister to buy a phone. Here a girl with a massive sword (uber!) watches him.

As Taku goes home, he passes some guy with a sign saying “Judgement will come upon this city”. A person called Grim then IMs him a link to the latest New Gen event saying that that the victim’s blood is sucked dry and his body is green. Taku notices that on the wall it also says “Whose eyes are those?” – A question that he constantly asks himself as he feels he is being watched by someone. At first he thought it was God watching him but he realises it’s not…


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