Gundam 00 S2 04 – A Reason to Battle

The episode begins with Marina thanking CB and then making a request – to take her back to Azadistan. The brown haired girl then interrupts and asks if they are lovers. (Setsuna and Marina) We see that Sumeragi still isn’t up to rejoin CB as she cannot find her reason to fight. Lockon then catches Feldt watching him and wakes her up by kissing her and asking her to go to his room in which she cries and slaps him. Allelujah vows to bring Marie back with his Arios.

Mr Bushido (previously called Graham Akar/Aker) has now joined A-Laws and A-Laws predicted that Ptolemaus will head for Azadistan and lay a trap for them. Soon Ptolemaus are stuck as they cannot launch the Gundams as they are too low and the enemy has torpedoes which go through the barrier.

However, Sumeragi steps in and manages to pull through, launching the Gundams to destroy the enemy.

Bushido then appears to battle Setsuna whilst Soma battles Allelujah. However, Kataron come to help CB with their force which forces A-Laws to retreat.

The Katarons then welcome Marina back and Sumeragi rejoins CB.


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