Soul Eater 29 – Medusa’s Revival! Spider and Snake, Fate’s Reunion?

At the beginning of the episode, we see a dog fighting a snake for food. The snake wins in the end and takes over the dogs body. A little girl with her mum then sees the dog and the girl is possessed by the snake. Not knowing what happened to her daughter, her mum just takes her home.

Back in Shibusen, Shinigami orders Sid and Nygus to put the Book of Eibon that they recovered away in Shinigami’s “collection”.

The girl’s mother notices that her daughter is acting weird and in the end the girl leaves the house, her body taken over by Medusa. Meanwhile, Stein is teaching the Shibusen students about team resonance but this ultimately fails.

Medusa heads to Arachne’s castle and meets with her sister but in the end leaves as Arachne and her bodyguards threaten her. Eruka leads her out and we learn that Medusa will head back to Shibusen to get something there…


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