Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 04 – The Blue Mad Party

Tsukasa & Co get suspicious as Junichi and Yuuhi come to school at the same time. Ayanokouji then invites everyone to her family party or w.e. it is. However, Junichi declines the invitation.

On the boat Ayanokouji arrives in a party dress thing whereas Junichi and co are wearing casual. Ayanokouji lets them into her “wardrobe” and they all wear formal party wear or w.e. it’s called. Junichi stares at Minato when she has a low cut dress and just puts his head down when the others come.

As the girls walk past the kitchen, they see that the chefs are sea sick so they offer to help. Nagomi also brings a massive tuna in for the “meal”. Minato “dissects” the tuna to entertain the guests whilst Ayanokouji decides she can’t lose to this so she uses Plan D which involves her saving the ship’s people from an octopus monster. However, Yuuhi falls for this and ends up running around, setting off the fireworks and causing a fire lol. In the end, Junichi ends up rescuing Minato and Yuuhi out of the ship and Ayanokouji promises to take them to the hot spring resort next time.


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