Trocadero with Ying

Went to London Trocadero with Ying today after going to chinese school.

I like slept through my alarm cos I was so fricken tired this morning and then realised I had chinese school so I quickly got ready and went to chinese school. Not much happened in chinese school as usual lol. On the way back, Ying called me at like 1 so I told him I’d get there at like 2 and he said he’d leave then and get there at half 2 ish. However, just like 10 mins after he called me I was stuck in traffic for like 45 mins so I ended up at the train station at like 2:30.

I got the train to waterloo and it only took like 15 mins but then there was no nothern line service at waterloo again -_- So I ended up taking the Bakerloo line to Picadilly Circus and realised that it was right underneath Troc. The journey pretty much hell though, I left the house at like 9 and by the end of chinese school I really needed the toilet but I didn’t wanna take ages so I didn’t bother going toilet as I thought I’d just go when I got home. But then seeing as I got stuck in the traffic I was like I’ll go on the train, but then the train I got didn’t have the toilets -_- So I held it in and decided to be cheap and go to KFC’s toilets but seeing as I was already at troc I decided to go to the 50p toilets but then it was a £1 so I didn’t even go in the end -_-”

Anyways, after that I realised my phone had no signal so I couldn’t call Ying and decided to go outside cos then maybe I’d have signal. Luckily enough I bumped into Ying on the way there, saves me some calling credit, only had like 48p left on my phone T_T Too poor to topup lol >_>

We then went DDRing and I managed to do DoLL on Expert mode twice and Era on Expert mode twice. I even beat Ying on Era those two times in point 😀 He beat me in Janejana on Expert and got an A though >_>

Anyway, Ying was supposed to leave at 5:30 but he called Jenny and Jenny said she might come to troc, in the end he waited till like 6:05 and she came to trocadero and Ying decided to run there so I ran with him xD We got there and Ying got to see Jenny =]

We also met Joyce, Meiki and Jess and we kept trying to set Jenny up with Ying but it didn’t quite work lol >_> The first try was by leaving Jenny and Ying outside of a shop but then they went inside too so the plan failed -_- The next plan was to push Jenny into Ying but we didn’t do that. The third was to leave Jenny standing in the middle of the road and then Ying could then save her but that failed too >_> Oh and Joyce was wearing some cute pink dress thingy but then apparently people gave her weird looks in Chinatown cos it was like err  6:30 pm when we walked around there. In the end we all left at like 6:45 with the girls going to Charing Cross and Ying and I to leicester square.  I shoulda gone to Charing Cross though cos I ended up missing the first tube at leicester square cos it was too packed and I had to get off at charing cross to change to the bakerloo line anyway >_> Oh well, still woulda got home at the same time lol.

Either way it was a fun day out 😀 Luckily for Ying, even though he was late home, his dad didn’t say anthing and his mum joked by asking why he didn’t come home when worked finish at 9 lol. I ended up having dinner at like half 10 lol. Hopefully we’ll all come out again, shame Harry didn’t come with us.


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