Ga-Rei -Zero- 03 – Moments of the Chance Meeting

This episode is a flashback episode (if you wanna call it that) about how Kagura met Yomi. We see that on a rainy day, Yomi goes to visit Kagura and takes her home to live with her.

Kagura is of the Tsuchimiya family so she is an important figure as her father is the leader of the exorcists. We see that he uses the Ga-Rei Byakuei to battle or something and the Isayama family take care of her.

Here she seems lifeless at the beginning as she recites her father’s words about how a loss is a loss and in a real fight, means death after she spars Yomi and loses but Yomi says that Kagura’s father is obstinate. She then mentions about how she should not have likes and dislikes but Yomi tells her that it’s ok to have likes and dislikes and that she must have one. Kagura tells Yomi that she dislikes century eggs and Yomi says if she loses on the game, they will have century eggs for dinner in which, in the end, they do.

They then head to bed but Yomi is called to work (a code in a text message saying that her mother is ill in hospital) and Kagura ends up sleeping by herself. The next day Kagura waits for Yomi outside her school but she is soon called to work but decides to bring Kagura with her.

She gets on the MoE’s vehicle and they introduce themselves to Kagura and even give her a sword called the Mihael 12th which is pressurized so that the blade can be 3 times as sharp as it normally is. Yomi then goes and dispatches a spirit.

When they get home, Yomi gets scolded by her father for bringing Kagura to the mission as it is really dangerous and they were supposed to be protecting her, not exposing her to danger. They then lie in bed together and we learn that Yomi’s biological parents were killed by a spirit but her current father brought her up like his own daughter and entrusted the sword to her which contains the Nue. Kagura and Yomi then become sisters and Yomi bans her from joining the “workforce” until she is older.

After a little while, we see Kagura using the text message to bunk school and go to work with Yomi.

Well this episode was quite a nice episode away from all the blood and stuff, helps us understand the relationship between Kagura and Yomi. Hopefully the next episode will show us how Yomi became as she is right now…


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