Vampire Knight Guilty 03 – The Lapis Lazuli Portrait

As the holiday is here now, Kaname goes to the Aidou residence leaving Aidou behind in the Moon Dorms.

Aidou leaves the dorms though and heads for Kiryuu’s room along with Yuuki. Here he gets Yuuki and Zero to cook him food to eat. He asks Yuuki what Kaname is to her and believes the same.

He then thinks about his relationship with Kaname and is deeply troubled by what Kaname is doing. He thinks back to when they first met as children and childishly, he told Kaname that he hated him but later on reveals that he hated himself for not being able to admit that he liked Kaname.

Meanwhile, Shiki goes back to visit his hungry mother. Aidou seems to have asked Akatsuki to search in his residence for anything about Kaname too.

Yuuki then drops a plate and cuts her finger but lets Zero suck her blood. However, Zero sees that she’s anxious and Yuuki tells Zero about how she planned to become a vampire after Kaname offered so. Zero replies saying that he won’t let that happen to her, even if it meant making Kaname his enemy and making Yuuki hate him and walks away.

At the end, Aidou forces himself to believe that he believes in Kaname, even if he is betrayed by him and walks into his room and realises Kaname is plotting something.


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