Rosario + Vampire Capu2 03 – Mother + Daughter + Vampire

Seems some of the pantyshots have been censored in the uncensored version… Don’t ask why they censored it as I don’t have a clue, the only point of watching Rosario was for the pantyshots xD

Well anyway, this episode is about parents day. The parents of the various students come to the school and look at it.

Moka, like Tsukune, won’t have their parents coming to the day. Mizore and Kurumu’s mum comes though and they are exact replicas of their daughters. Mizore told her mum that Tsukune was her boyfriend and labels Moka as a stalker whilst Kurumu says she’s engaged to Tsukune and once again labels Moka as the suiter lol.

They then constantly fight over Tsukune throughtout the day. They then end up using their powers to fight where vampire Moka is forced to come out to fight them and teach them a lesson. Kurumu and Mizore apologize to their parents for lying and likewise their parents apologise for being complete idiots.

Subbed ED – Trinity Cross by Mizuki Nana


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