Gundam 00 S2 03 – Operation Allelujah Rescue

After getting Sumeragi to join back, they convince her to write mission plans to rescue Allelujah after Wan Liu Mei spreads information about Allelujah’s whereabouts.

Setsuna also learns that Marina is in the same prison and decides to save her too. Sumeragi forms a mission plan and gives it to Setsuna, Tieria and the new Lockon. They have 5 minutes to rescue Allelujah and Marina once they arrive at the prison on Earth.

Ptolemaus heads for Earth and lands in the ocean next to it, diving under the water for protection. Setsuna launches, makes a hole in the prison and heads inside, leaving his mobile suit on the wall of the prison. Tieria stands in front of Setsuna’s mobile suit and defends it while Setsuna finds Allelujah. Lockon snipes the opponents from the wall. Setsuna finds Allelujah quickly and frees him and gives him a copy of the mission and they launch Arios and Allelujah heads to the point where Arios will land. Setsuna then goes and saves Marina and carries her with him in his gundam. As Allelujah is about to ge tinto his gundam, Soma arrives. Allelujah constantly calls her Marie but Soma does not remember her memories. However, she begins to regain some of her memory with Allelujah and has a migraine and falls to the floor. With a few seconds left to go, Allelujah takes the chance to get inside Arios and escape with the rest of the Ptolemaus crew to safety.

Marina asks why Setsuna is fighting again and comments on how sad it is for the only thing Setsuna can do is fight for peace.


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