Clannad ~After Story~ 04 – With the Same Smile as That Day

Well this certainly was a sad episode with a happy ending. This is what I love about Clannad, some moments are so sad they bring tears to your eyes but then the other part warms your heart up with the comedy it has (Tomoya + Sunohara moments ftw).

This episode carries on from the last one with Mei depressed by how his brother has changed. She decides to go to the soccer club to get them to let his brother rejoin.

Tomoya knows how the guys are and decides to go with Mei and Nagisa comes along too. As they turn up to the door we already see how vulgar the footballers are as they quickly reject Sunohara and laugh at Mei & Co, taunting at how they are all failures. They decide to leave shortly after as it doesn’t get anywhere.

A few days later, Tomoya manages to see Sunohara in school and starts to argue with him, causing the rest of the girls to come running into their classroom and stopping them. Tomoya ends up walking out the classroom and meets up with Mei and Nagisa and goes to beg the football club again.

Tomoya bows his head and the football club tell them to help out with the training by picking up the balls. However they kick it in all directions on purpose and even kick one into Mei. After they finally finish the training they ask if Sunohara can get back into the team but the football team quickly decline and Mei starts crying. The captain picks up Mei by the arm and start swinging her around. Tomoya starts to lose his temper but before he lays a finger on the football team, Sunohara comes with a kick at the captain. Tomoya then goes and helps Sunohara and they fight the football team until the football team decides to leave them in the rain.

They lie there in the rain and Sunohara asks if they won with Tomoya replying with probably not. They then end up in a fight about Mei in which Sunohara says he thought Mei would be fine with Tomoya as Sunohara trusted him. However Tomoya gets angry as Sunohara didn’t understand that it was a bluff and they continue to fight until Mei cries over Sunohara, telling him to stop.

The next day they see each other in bandages and laugh at each other as it reminded them of their first day at school when the same scene occured.

Sunohara then decides to go and take Sanae out again and asks for Akio’s consent. Akio ends up chasing Sunohara with a baseball bat whilst Sanae and Tomoya laugh.


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