Chaos;Head 02 – ego

Carrying from last episode, Taku is still panicking from the sight of the pink haired murderer. However, she appears friendly with him. They look each other in the eye and Taku somehow reads out her name. Puzzled why he knows her name, his friend tells him they have been friends since the first year and shows him a picture. Freaking out over this, he heads home.

Seira-tan tells him to play his MMORPG again to get rid of his stress but shortly afterwards, Rimi (the pink haired girl) appears in his room and checks up on him to see whether he’s ill or not. He forces her to go away and leads himself to believing it to be an illusion.

Meanwhile, the police have found surveillance cameras showing Taku running from the murder scene with a weapon. They identify his school.

Yua then arrives at Taku’s room and asks whether he remembered his promise to go and help her preorder the anime figure. They go to the shop and preorder the figure and then rest on a bench near a river. He notices that the bag is the same bag as the one in the internet cafe he went to and as Yua accidently spills the contents of her bag; research on the New Gen incidences. Taku gets paranoid and tries to run away. However she grips onto him and tells him how she saw the same stakes in her room as the ones of the crime and asks if he has powers of precognition. He tells her that the images were sent by a person called Shogun and asks if Yua is Shogun. She shows him how the timestamps of his messages were on sunday and Shogun’s messages on Monday of when he went to the internet cafe and concludes that he is Shogun and that he has set up a one man show and leaves him to go. This leaves him thinking “wtf is wrong with this world, I don’t belong here.”


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