Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 03 – The Bizarrely-Colored Scream

The episode opens with Sugishita-sensei disappearing. The president then sends Junichi & co to find him.

Tsukasa then splits the group up into 2 teams with Junichi and Yuuhi in one team. They head into a room and meet a pink haired girl called Shiraishi Nagomi who sends them down into a trap door.

They get stuck here and start giving up until they realise that Sugishita-sensei was sleeping there and Minato & co just manage to find them with Nagomi and help them climb out. We learn that Sugishita-sensei got kicked out of his apartment for testing his motorbike in his room so he decided to go to the old school campus to sleep.

In the end Sugishita sensei talks to Junichi about how he heard something about Yuuhi being his fiancee during his sleep but says he will keep the secret.

New ED this week – “Confusion…” by Ryou Hirohashi


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