Vampire Knight Guilty 02 – The Eternal Promise

As Yuuki walks around town with her friend, she meets a boy who seems to have lost her mum so she goes and helps her find her mum. (It’s so obvious what happens later lol) She tells her friend to go home and the little boy then leads her to a big building where he kisses her and she falls asleep and the boy runs away.

The building seems to be where the vampire banquet is held as Shiki finds her. She then wakes up with Kaname watching over her so she quickly gets up but then soon faints again. Kaname explains that the little boy was a vampire and drained her energy. He tells her not to get out of the room but soon after, the little vampire kid opens the door and lures Yuuki. She ends up seeing the vampire banquet and sees Zero.

Meanwhile, Zero sees his brother Ichiru and chases after him. He learns that Ichiru is working for the Elder Council.

Yuuki then walks back to the room after learning that Kaname has lots of girls to choose from. Kaname comes in and asks why she left the room and then picks up her up and puts her on the coach and says that she can’t pay the price of apologising. His vampire side then comes alive and asks Yuuki if she wants to become a vampire and join him in eternity and she agrees and tears rolls down her eyes. However, Kaname stops himself and apologises for taking the punishment too far and leaves.

It then snows and leaves Yuuki of the memory when they first met.


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