Soul Eater 28 – Sword Saint Rises: A Sweet or a Salty Taste?

As Maka recovers from her last battle, Sid explains a plan to sneak into Arachne’s base and destroy the demon tool that has been developed by Mosquito to mess with people’s morals. Black Star overhears the conversation and decides he will get revenge for Maka.

Whilst Sid, his weapon and Azusa (a Deathscythe who has the ability to see within a certain radius and turn into a sniping gun) sneak into Arachne’s base to destroy the demon tool there Black Star goes with Tsubaki to attack the base. Not long after Mifune and Angela comes out. Mosquito gives him a sign in how Angela’s life is in danger if he does not beat Black Star.

In the heated battle, Mifune emerges as the winner by using his 24 blow technique. He is then about to kill Black Star as he is threatened by Mosquito but Tsubaki tells him he is a good guy and should be working at Shibusen with children. However after being threatened again he says he is sorry and is about to chop Black Star but Sid snipes Mosquito. The enemies run away leaving Mifune there in a blind spot. Before leaving, Mifune tells Black Star he has a good blade and to train well with it and also gives him a sweet to cure Maka’s “illness”.


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