Ga-Rei -Zero- 02 – Manifestation of Love

Crazily enough (not even sure if the word crazy is enough here, my vocabulary sucks too much to think of a stronger word xD) this episode CONTINUES from last episode where 2 squads were completely murdered.

This time it’s the Ministry of Environment’s Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division’s turn.

They take on another Category B and lead it to a zone for the katana wielding member, Kagura, to easily dispatch. Not long after though, another disaster occurs; previously dead soldiers turned into what seemed to be zombies and started attacking so now they end up fighting their fallen comrades.

Not long after though, the girl (called Yomi) who massacred the Ministry of Defense’s Supernatural Disaster Prevention Agency appears and it’s revealed that the girl was formally part of the MoE’s SDCD. However it seems she left after she was corrupted. She then shortly leaves and lures Kagura (who seems to have been best friends with each other) along with her friend. Not long after though they end up splitting up and Yomi appears before Kagura. She explains how she’s jealous of Kagura’s skills as they have always been better than her own. It seems Kagura’s male friend was killed as Yomi says he won’t be coming back to help her.

Kagura continually gets the upper hand in the fight but does not kill Yomi and escapes from the tunnels after blowing it up. However Yomi appears before her and seems to kill Kagura…


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