Clannad ~After Story~ 03 – Disagreeing Hearts

Sorry for not posting anything for a long time guys, was caught up with homework and stuff last week then the internet was down till last night -_-“. Well I’m back now!

I actually watched this on Saturday but didn’t have internet to post about it T_T Anyway I’ll shut up about myself now and talk about Clannad!

The episode opens with Mei meeting Isogai Sanako (lol at the use of Isogai; Isogai Fuuko!) aka, Sunohara’s “girlfriend”. Mei constantly pities her for being stuck with Sunohara and makes jokes about it.

After a day out, Mei sees a little girl getting bullied by some other children in a park and Tomoya notices that Mei is distracted by it. He offers to help but Sanae says she will go instead but Sunohara says to leave them alone, saying that the problem will fix itself as his excuse. The little girl’s brother does run in to save her though and scares all the other little kids away. Sunohara then tries to walk away again and Mei feels worried about what Sunohara has turned into. In the end they take the children home.

The next day, after school, Sunohara dashes home to wait for a phone call from Sanae. Mei was waiting at the school gates though and Tomoya and Nagisa tells her that Sunohara already went home to wait for the phone call. They go and visit Sunohara’s room and Sunohara yells at Mei, saying that she only came to have fun in the city and that looking after Sunohara was just an excuse. Angry at this, Mei agrees and says she came to meet someone and runs out of the house. Nagisa follows her and sooner later, after hearing footsteps, Mei yells out “onii-chan” but realises it’s only Tomoya. She becomes depressed and explained how her brother used to be the best and protected her and was a legend in football. Tomoya and Nagisa then explain how the girlfriend act was a lie and they go and visit Sanae. Akio quickly asks what Sanae is doing, meanwhile Sanae, Mei and Tomoya escape, leaving Nagisa to do the explaining xD

Mei and Tomoya then go and have some fun in town whilst Mei said she wished that Tomoya was her brother. She finds his weakness; calling him “onii-chan”. They go around town and Mei gets Tomoya to take a picture with her and tells him to put it on his notebook. Sunohara sees this and Tomoya decides to bluff and say the man Mei was talking about was him. They then quickly walk away, leaving all 3 of them in bad spirits.

To be continued…


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