Gundam 00 S2 02 – Twin Drive

The episode opens with CB trying to synchronize the 2 drives of Gundam 00. However, it cannot reach 80% (stability) with the 2 drives so Gundam 00 cannot launch for now as it is too dangerous. They then try to synchronize Exia’s drive with Gundam 0’s drive.

Setsuna gives top secret information of CB to Lyle Dylandy and convinces him to join CB after telling him of the Federation’s massacres. He then goes and finds Sumeragi who has been literally drinking for the last few years and just drags her along with him after revealing she is CB’s tactician. They then meet up with the new Lockon Stratos and head back to Ptolemaus.

Meanwhile, Marina Ismail is arrested by A-Laws and Saji Crossroad is given access to CB’s database and he learns about the Gundam Thrones. Wan Liu Mei leaks information to Federation and they learn where CB are and attack them. Here, the only gundam they have to defend is Seravee so he goes out. However, some Aheads are closing in on the Ptolemaus but Setsuna quickly leaves the space shuttle and gets inside Gundam 00 and forces transarm mode on and manages to stabilize the system with Gundam Exia’s drive and Gundam 0and defeats the Aheads. The Federation then retreat and Sumeragi is reunited with the team as well as Lockon Stratos, which shocks the whole team as they thought he was dead. Sumeragi tell them he is his younger brother though.


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