Vampire Knight Guilty 01 – Sinners of Fate

Woo! Vampire Knight Guilty is here! One of my favourite anime!

The episode opens with Yuuki holding back the students as usual whilst the Night Class comes out. However, we see that Zero has come back!

Yuuki then feels that she can’t do anything for Zero so she offers to give her his blood. However Zero turns her offer down and walks away but she holds onto him but Zero asks her what he is to her which causes her to think. He then wipes away her tears whilst the chairman comes in and says Maria is awake again.

Maria realises Shizuka has died after seeing Zero is still alive. She then explains how she allowed Shizuka to use her body as a host in order to recover her. She believes Zero had killed Shizuka though. They then walk out the door but Maria keeps Zero behind for a few seconds and tells him how his family was used as pawns by a mastermind who is against purebloods. This leaves him with a massive migrain of a picture he keeps seeing in his mind after drinking Kaname’s blood. (The picture with the chains and blood below).

Soon after this, we see Yuuki spotting something. What she saw was a vampire, a vampire from the council.. to kill Zero. Zero, using Kaname’s blood, easily crushes the vampire’s hand and shoots him once in which he dies. However, more vampires from the council appear but Kaname and the night class students also appear and end up defending Zero. Kaname’s threatens them away and they threaten back by reporting him. Yuuki defies him though when he asks if she’s ok and tries to pet her. She backs off and says she won’t speak to him until he clears Zero’s name. This makes him angry in which Ichijo makes a joke out of it. However Kaname’s not amused and shoots a hole through a tree right next to him.

Zero is then mocked by Kaname about how Kaname is jealous of Zero getting to protect Yuuki but then says Zero is only alive due to Kaname’s blood, which is protecting Yuuki.

Zero then goes and has a shower but sees Yuuki is in the bathroom so he goes and naps on the couch. He starts to then dream about him killing Shizuka but she slowly turns into Yuuki in which he wakes up shouting Yuuki’s name. Yuuki is drying her hair besides him so she was confused, even more so as Zero hugs her. He also tries to kiss her but stops himself from doing so.

OP -“Rondo” by On/Off

ED – “Suna no Oshiro” by Kanon Wakeshima


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