Rosario to Vampire Capu2 02 – Younger Sister and Vampire

Continuing from last week, we learn that Moka’s sister is called Kokoa. She continually attacks and chases Moka persistently.

When they finally get a moment of peace, Moka explains that when they were children, they were a bunch of 4 sisters. She was the third oldest and Kokoa the youngest. She explains how they always fought when they were little but Kokoa could never beat the then-not-sealed-Moka. However, she left Kokoa behind and had her powers sealed and went to the human world. Here Kokoa repeatedly followed her and attacked her but the sealed Moka could not do anything against her. It’s revealed that Kokoa followed her all the way to the academy.

Not long after Kokoa appears with the bat narrator and reveals it as a transforming weapon. They then run all over the school with Kokoa attacking them. However in the end Moka decides that she’ll fight Kokoa head on but she then cries when Moka loses and asks why doesn’t she fight seriously. Tsukune then comes and explains how Kokoa always loved Moka but was just missing her. However, this seemed to be a misjudgement as Kokoa attacks Moka again but Tsukune manages to remove the rosary, revealing the vampire Moka. She then kicks Kokoa and Kokoa cries about how nice she is. Vampire Moka is then sealed again and Kokoa says she will make life hell for them.

And as promised, the ED: (it’s not subbed though, I’ll put the subbed one here later when Ayako-m.3.3.w release their subs.

ED – “Trinity Cross” by Nana Mizuki


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