Chaos;Head 01 – boot up

Another new anime I’m starting; Chaos;Head.

It sure starts off weird… Some guy is lying there in the rain in some wrecked city and some girl comes over to him and says “Sorry” and seems to summon a weapon and puts it on top of his heart and kisses him.

We then see the same guy (I think) sleeping in some hut place on a roof being woken up by some Magical Girl-dressed-like-character (might also be the girl from before) on top of him waking him up. He mentions how this scene is similar to episode 2 of Blood Tune. He then gets into school as he has made himself a minimum attendance table stating which days he HAS to go to school to graduate.

A friend goes up to him and tells him about New Gen which seems to be about murder at Shibuya committed by a beautiful girl and asks if he wants to go there to meet the girl but he shows he is not interested. He ends up going home to play an MMORPG (he might be the highest level but I dunno). A friend of his tells him to look at the news about New Gen (short for New Generation Madness) which are 2 events in Shibuya. The first even was when 5 high school students jumped to their deaths off a high tower. The second was when a foetus was recovered from a male corpse.

His sister comes to visit him but he just ends up telling her to go away when she tries to get him to go a new mobile phone with her. She asks him to take her to the station but he wouldn’t so she says she hopes for him to get killed by a criminal as a joke. Moments later, he receives some image link from another friend and his friend says that more incidents are gonna open and send a wall of links with images of the “incidents”. This scares him so he goes to a private internet place where you get your own room. However after he leaves, he meets a pink haired girl committing the “incident”. (Look at screencaps below). She says his name and walks closer to him but Taku quickly runs back to his room carrying one of the trident like things with him but quickly tosses it away. The magical girl then calms him down by saying it was a delusion.

On his journey to school he feels paranoid and feels people are following him. On his way home he meets the same girl again and he tries to run away but she catches up to him after he crashes into a bike and says how she’s interested in him. In the end she carries him home but he thinks she is deceiving him. She steps in and it’s revealed she’s an anime fan. She asks for his name and he promises to take her to preorder a figure. She finds the trident weapon thing though but does not say anything and leaves after a while.

The next day, Taku sees the pink haired girl again…

OP -“F.D.D.” by Kanako Itō

ED -“Super Special” by Seira Kagami

Well this anime sure is weird, first it was totally wtf to me but I think I’m gonna watch this. I might have to put Soul Eater or Rosario to Vampire Capu2 on pause then because Clannad, Vampire Knight, Ga-Rei, Gundam and Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka are simply too good to miss. I guess I’ll just put those in priority to watch and Soul Eater, Rosario and this as second priority.


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