Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka 02 – Rose Madder Colored Approach

The episode carries off from last week, revealing that Yuuhi only came to the town to meet his fiancee.

We learn how Junichi was the fiancee of Yuuhi as Yuuhi has a conversation with her father. Her father tells her how he met a wonderful man and that she shall marry his son as arranged by them (the 2 fathers). She argues about how she can marry a person that she’s never met before and in the end she agrees to live with him for a while to “assess” him.

In the house, things get chaotic as Yuuhi is still angry from the other day when Junichi stole her first kiss. In the end, Yuuhi ends up sleeping on the couch as they do not have a spare room for her to sleep in. The next morning, she wakes up with eyebags and says how she is disappointed that it’s reality that she has to live with him.

They then go to school in which ends up with Yuuhi half day dreaming through the day and then getting lost on her way home. Fortunately, Minato comes to her aid and takes her shopping. Here she’s just like “WOW” all over the place as she has never been to a supermarket before. (What’s with all these rich people that have never been to a shop?) They then end up buying some ingredients for curry and cook it together in the kitchen. Junichi approves of the meal but shortly after that there’s a powercut (caused by Yuuhi messing around with the electricals in the kitchen) in which Junichi ends up putting his hand on Yuuhi’s breast. Junichi is then put through an armlock but when Yuuhi realises his arm is between her breasts she lets go and heads off to sleep in Minato’s bedroom.

The next morning Minato and Junichi is about to eat breakfast without Yuuhi but she comes out dreaming with the hairdryer pretending to shoot Junichi. And this is all for now ^^


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