Ga-Rei -Zero- 01 – Above Aoi

Just a quick note – I will be changing the format in how I write posts about anime yet again as it takes me up to an hour for each episode when I add the pictures one by one with captions so now I will just insert the whole gallery and briefly sum up the episode as that’ll save a lot more of my time. (At least you’ll get to see more images XD)

Well, onto another new anime! Ga-Rei -Zero- is a definite watch for me, it’s a supernatural/thriller/horror action type (also romance and comedy according to wiki but I think the story is different from the manga so I dunno if the anime’s genres is different or not) and certainly contains some nice scenes.

The episode starts off with what seems to be an attack out of nowhere leaving a blaze. However we learn that there are “spirits” that cannot be seen with the human eye. An army with special gear then come to destroy them and they succeed at first, however a stronger spirit (previous ones were Category C, this one Category B) and burns them all. Another squad then comes and dispatches it easily with the help of the main character and his pistols. However, not long after, there is another Category B, but this time, much larger. They then also manage to destroy it too.

However, this isn’t the end…


A Category A from out of nowhere then dispatches the whole squad leaving the audience going WTF as the episode ends.


Well that certainly will keep me watching the series now…

Now the screencaps…


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